We can bring targeted qualified sales leads to your website

Are you fed up of trying to find an SEO agency in Melbourne that can rank your website on Google? Are you getting totally ripped off by your current SEO company?

Are your let down by your current SEO agency? Have you been going through SEO companies in Melbourne and are still unhappy with their performance? Are sales down, with inquiries online falling & you really need to find a SEO team that can get you back to page 1 of Google?

Has your website suddenly dropped in rankings and you don’t know why? Are you locked into a long term SEO contract and want to get out of it? Were you promised page 1 rankings within 90 days and nothing has happened? Can’t seem to get the right answers to your questions? Are you unsure of what to do next and how to proceed with your SEO?


Call us on 02 9360 8514 – we are the SEO Experts in Melbourne that can get your business back on track with a credible, proven & ethical SEO campaign.

At Melbourne SEO Experts will turn your poor & under performing Google rankings around quickly in a totally compliant way, through a proven SEO campaign. This is what we have been doing for Melbourne businesses since 2005 and this is what we are going to do for your website.

Whether you are a company, organisation or small business our SEO techniques are shown to work time and time again.

We are known for turning poor performing, non converting websites into profit generating platforms working for your business, bringing in all those great new sales leads. Don’t sit by and wait for your SEO company to do something. Take the initiate, be proactive and get in touch with us today. One phone call will turn your Google rankings around.

Choose your SEO agency carefully

Call us today on 02 9360 8514 ( we are Sydney based BUT work with Melbourne companies) to see what a professional SEO team can do for your Melbourne business.

This will be the best marketing decision you can make for 2017!

Don’t compromise or settle for second best when it comes to your SEO  – partner with a company like SEO MELBOURNE EXPERT, who knows the ins and outs of Google’s algorithms and who have been in the SEO industry for over 12 years.

Yes that’s 12 years, so your business is in safe hands. You can only benefit from our experience and time in this industry.

How?  Our approach to SEO is ethical, very targeted, content driven, extremely well thought out and highly strategic. We will plan your SEO campaign from day 1 and stick to a strategy that will get your websites main ‘high traffic’  keywords to page 1 of Google.

We never promise fast, unrealistic rankings, but what we do promise is that once you are on page 1 of Google, you will stay there.

Stop waiting for your rankings to get better…you are just loosing customers and wasting time!

We look at your entire online marketing and digital profile, and customise a REAL digital campaign  that details a whole lot more than just links.  We consider website conversion rates, the customer experience, website design, URL site structure, content marketing as well as social media.

We never take a rushed or pressured approach to your SEO. Instead, we prefer to create a solid foundation, a real workable base that we can build upon – this is the very best approach when it comes to being totally 100% Google compliant. And this is why ALL our client’s are sitting comfortably on Google.

When it comes to your business and it’s online rankings, we treat it as though it was our own business. Nothing is taken for granted and we are on top of each and every algorithmic change. We will swiftly respond to any change in your SEO rankings and we take immediate action in helping your business stay right up there on Page 1 if there are any fluctuations. In fact, we are so on top of our game that we can predict when this will happen, so your Google position will remain unaffected.

Put all those BAD previous SEO experiences behind you – you will see that working with us will be easy.

Call our SEO Team on 02 9360 8514 and we will show you precisely how we can get your website ranked on Google, and show you how we have been doing this for our Melbourne client’s for the past 12 years.

ARE YOU UNHAPPY WITH YOUR CURRENT SEO COMPANY? If you have used an SEO company in the past and are not happy with the results, then your problems are over.

Our promise to you is that we will:

1) turn your bad rankings around for you as swiftly as possible  – we do this by looking at your all the ‘on page’ necessary amends and implement these changes for you. THIS IS A SERVICE THAT NOT MANY SEO COMPANIES WILL OFFER!

2) resolve any rank suppression or Google penalty issues you may have incurred due to past poor SEO companies link strategies and ‘spammy’ techniques. We know how to lift those horrible Google penalties and get your business back on the right path.

3) get your website working (as you would expect it to be), for you within a short period of time PLUS maintain these new rankings.

4) look at your web conversion rates to make sure that when people find your website, they actually buy or make an inquiry from you. Conversion rate optimisation is a big deal for us and we will look at ways to improve customer conversions, experiences and reduce overall ‘bounce rates’.

5) be on call as a marketing and online mentor, that you can phone up anytime and get REAL ADVICE from. We like to think that we are an extension of your business and love it when we are able to help you overcome any SEO or technical questions you may have.

6) be on time and accurate with all our reporting. You will never have to wait.

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Its all about getting people to click, call & buy
  • More Customers
    Of the 90% of Melbourne businesses using Google, most only click the top 4 results. Our PROVEN SEO techniques will get you to the top of page 1.
  • More Trustworthy
    When our SEO Melbourne Experts rank your website, you not only gain credibility but also trust among your clients.
  • SEO Just Works!
    Give us the opportunity to implement a SEO campaign for your Melbourne business and we will show you some AWESOME results!
  • SEO Never Sleeps
    SEO will be your best sales person, working hard for you, even while your asleep - it's 24/7 - never takes a holiday. What a great way to drive new business leads.
  • Get More Local Business
    Our SEO team can rank your site on Google Maps. A greater local presence online will attract more local business in Melbourne via our targeted geo-specific campaign.
  • Greater ROI
    You will spend A LOT less on SEO for more sales and inquiries. It's such a great money saver!
  • Save Money on Advertising
    Compared to traditional forms of advertising SEO is cheap and delivers a much higher return on your investment dollar.
  • SEO is extremely targeted
    Be found by people and businesses in Melbourne actually looking for your product or service - much better than TV or print ads
Case Study 1


Bali Villa Escapes approached us as soon as they launched their new website in mid 2014 to handle their SEO as well as their social media marketing. This was a completely new business start up with a brand new URL that was going to rely heavily on Google to generate most of their Villa bookings. It was imperative for the success of their new business venture that they achieve significant Google rankings within 6 months.


We began our SEO campaign by implementing a complete website audit, where we looked at all potential ‘on page’ issues such as:

  • website content. was it relevant ( including all initial blogs)
  • all page title & descriptions
  • URL structures
  • mobile compatibility, how does the site appear on iphones and tablets
  • site speed, download times for all images as well as any potential hosting issues.

Once all this was given the green light we then proceed with the back linking campaign


Within the first 2 months of us commencing the SEO we did see some considerable movement in the rankings. The site was indexed and we started to see some real traction with ‘long tail’ keywords like ‘rent villas in Bali’. The real visible improvement for this website www.balivillaescapes.com.au came after the 3 to 4 month mark where it was starting to hit page 1 for their main ‘high traffic’ revenue generating keywords. Today this website is sitting at position # 1 for the main keyword: ‘rent luxury villa Bali’ which is generating an enormous amount of inquiries. A real success story all because they came to us to handle their SEO.

Case Study 2


A Bali Weddings Planner approached us in mid 2015 to help generate leads for their services as they had found that their website was not generating enough online traffic, hence the need for a targeted SEO campaign for keywords that related to their industry. Ideally they were targeting all of Australia.

This is a highly competitive niche dominated by existing companies so they had to be ranking right up there with all their main keywords.

Not an easy task considering this was a brand new website and we had to go up against some very established companies who had a big head start for their SEO.


Because no SEO had been implemented in the past and this was a relatively new URL, we really had to approach this in an aggressive manner, whilst still being completely ‘white hat’ in our SEO technique. This was our approach and it’s working out really well. Our core part of any SEO strategy we start is to be incredibly aware of what Google is looking for in terms of quality link building.


Within a matter of 6months this website was ranking on page 1 of Google ( position # 1) for their main core ‘high traffic’ keyword. A great result and they are currently receiving around 2500 unique hits per month. From no where to this is an example of what we are able to achieve with our SEO.