10 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website.

If you ask any business owner in Melbourne or Australia what is the one thing they want for their business? They are going to say revenue. They want sales, inquires and they want it now. They want as much as they can get YET many business owners are unclear about how to make this happen. So I thought I would itemise 10 of the very best ways to increase traffic to your website, which should bring in more revenue. The internet is very crowded and every one is competing online for their share. What you do from now onwards will affect your sales, and your profits. If you chose to stick with the old ways and cruise by on doing the base minimum you are simply going to get beaten by the competition, simple as that. What you have to do is be aggressive online and take an active interest in your digital strategies. Follow these and watch the phone start to ring.

1) START AN SEO CAMPAIGN. If you are reading this article then you have found us because we do SEO and this is what you want to happen to your website. The best place for people to find your website is on Google and the only real way you are ever going to get to page 1 of Google is through SEO. SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of ranking your website for keyword searches that people are likely to make on Google. So for example if you are a plumber in Geelong you want to be on page 1 of Google when ever someone searches for a plumber in Geelong. This is at the top of the list as this is a MUST DO for any business wanting to generate more traffic.

2) GET SOCIAL. You are probably on Facebook anyway so why not create a page for your business and start posting specials or promotions about your business. Instagram is another great platform and I highly recommend getting on this and start to get as many followers as you possibly can. Getting a great Google ranking is only 1 component of your internet marketing. In some cases this may not be enough. This is where social media comes in. It has a very wide reach and you will be surprised by the amount of extra business you can pick up.

3) A DECENT LOOKING WEBSITE. Make sure your website has been updated and is at least new. Having an old out dated website will kill any chance you have of getting new business. WHY? Because, the consumer wants a great online experience. They want to be wowed when they come to your site and if it looks as though it was done last century they are going to simply look elsewhere. A clean, user friendly website is what people need so make sure your site doesn’t look too flashy or over complicated to use.

4) GET A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE. This is a must and having a mobile / responsive website design is mandatory. People use their phones more than ever so if they  are searching for something and they find your website, you better make sure its 100% mobile friendly. If not, you will most likely loose the sale.

5) SLOW WEBSITES WILL HURT YOU. Slow loading websites are going to smash your web traffic. Long, extremely slow. tedious loading times are going to repel people rather than attract them Do a test for yourself and time it. Load speeds greater than 2 seconds are bad. This is why you should be using a SEO company that has a web arm to its business like us here at SEO MELBOURNE EXPERT. We can fix any issues you may have such as site speeds.

6) WRITE BLOGS. Blogging is a form of content marketing and is a way of staying in touch with your customer base by publishing interesting news and article. We do it all the time – in fact what you are now reading is a blog…see how effective it is!

7) MAKE YOUR MESSAGE CLEAR. Most internet users won’t want to spend too much time looking and searching your site. They are there to find something and they want to find it right at the top of the page; smack bang in their face. Make your message or unique selling proposition front and centre. Also, make sure that there are clear conversion points within this banner like; contact us or inquiry fields for users to fill out. These are great conversion trigger points and now need to be considered on every page of your website.

8) TARGET THOSE LONG TAIL KEYWORDS. For new businesses starting out and wanting to generate at least some type of traffic, go for the easier to attain long tail keywords. Rather than Plumbers Geelong go for Emergency Hot water plumbers Geelong. Sure this might not be the money keyword BUT it will still bring in some inquiries. For start up and even existing businesses looking to expand this is a golden tip.

9) and 10) AVOID TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE SEO SCAMS. I am going to combine these 2 points because I feel that they need to have double the impact as this is really the most important thing to remember. Watch out for dodgy SEO or digital marketing agencies that are out there online looking to rip you off blindly. They will offer SEO ranking guarantees or pay on performance rankings and will try to persuade you to do an Adwords campaign ( where they will take 20 – 30% of the allocated budget) with them. They will dazzle you with statistics and cheap sales talk but at the end of the day these guys are going to wreak havoc on your business and put an end to any type of web traffic. WATCH OUT!

If you would like any other information on how to bring in new business please get in touch with us today – we have other great ideas and we would be more than happy to discuss these with you. CALL 1800 916 191