Monthly Archives: January 2016

How Long Does SEO Take?
3-6 months is the answer you will hear from most the SEO companies in Melbourne. The replies you get back from the clients sound something like this: can you speed the process up and rank my website quicker? Why does it take so long to rank my site? My competitor who is sitting on page 1 somehow got there very quickly, can you do that…
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Should I spend money on SEO or Adwords (pay per click)
Wow, this is such a common question. It’s a real nightmare for businesses because they want to get sales leads quickly and the only way they can do this is through Adwords. Unfortunately, this chews up a lot of their advertising budget, leaving very little for SEO. The only issue with this is that they really want their website to rank organically so they have…
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Vital SEO Must Do’s for 2016
If your business relies on Google to generate new leads and sales then heres a heads up for you. The landscape is shifting rather quickly and this has been accelerated in the last week by a massive Google update at the very beginning of the year. For those of your enjoying your break and festive season, many would have come back to face the stark…
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