How Long Does SEO Take?
3-6 months is the answer you will hear from most the SEO companies in Melbourne. The replies you get back from the clients sound something like this: can you speed the process up and rank my website quicker? Why does it take so long to rank my site? My competitor who is sitting on page 1 somehow got there very quickly, can you do that…
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Should I spend money on SEO or Adwords (pay per click)
Wow, this is such a common question. It’s a real nightmare for businesses because they want to get sales leads quickly and the only way they can do this is through Adwords. Unfortunately, this chews up a lot of their advertising budget, leaving very little for SEO. The only issue with this is that they really want their website to rank organically so they have…
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Vital SEO Must Do’s for 2016
If your business relies on Google to generate new leads and sales then heres a heads up for you. The landscape is shifting rather quickly and this has been accelerated in the last week by a massive Google update at the very beginning of the year. For those of your enjoying your break and festive season, many would have come back to face the stark…
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How social signals really affect your search rankings
Everyone is talking about the word ‘social signals’. They use it in an off handed manner in order to try to impress without a real clear understanding of what they really are and how they truly affect your SEO Google rankings. In order to understand how social media and social media signals have an impact on your rankings, I thought I would write the following…
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Why SEO is CRITICAL for Generating Sales Leads
I am hearing a lot of chatter online about how SEO is just part of your marketing mix and how you should be diversifying your marketing. That is, reduce the reliance and emphasis on SEO and focus on other areas such as Facebook ads, Adwords, retargeting as well as social media. Basically, still focus on your SEO but shift some of your marketing budget to…
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Simple Adwords Strategies to Boost your CTR
Are you looking to improve your Adwords CTR or click through rate? Do you often wonder why no one is clicking on your ad? Well, it could very well be that your ad is not seeling hard enough and this is the reason why your CTR rates are down. The online Adwords space is so competitive and if you want people to click on your…
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Have you gone over board with your link building?
Old school SEO techniques was founded on the basis that the more in bound links your website had, the better your rankings. This led to an explosion of SEO companies offering link building services all at rock bottom prices. Companies would sign up, pay a few hundred dollars, get a thousand links and watch their rankings rise. This was how it worked and boy o…
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Is Social Media a Waste of Time?
Is social media worth the effort for your business? Is there a pay off for the amount of time and effort you spend promoting your business on these platforms? Do you feel that your efforts should be put into other marketing channels rather than social media? All these are really common questions that business owners face. Do they put their resources into a social media…
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Reputation Management Tips – the five MUST DO things you can do to manage your online reputation
How to Best Manage your Online Reputation the Correct & Proven Way Every business in Australia and it doesn’t matter the size – from the big end of town, right through to the mum and dad corner store – must manage their online reputation. All business owners will truly understand how damaging to their reputation a negative online comment, fraudulent blog post, nasty article or…
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10 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website.
If you ask any business owner in Melbourne or Australia what is the one thing they want for their business? They are going to say revenue. They want sales, inquires and they want it now. They want as much as they can get YET many business owners are unclear about how to make this happen. So I thought I would itemise 10 of the very…
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