Can You Rank My Website Within 3 Months?

I have been asked this many times before. Business owners want to get their website ranking on Google in a hurry expect that they will be able to rank their website in less than 3 months. In truth this is possible with some keywords but with others this is totally out of the question. The answer of this is really very simple and following I will detail why all websites can rank within 3 months on Google, but where they actually sit will depend entirely on the keywords they want to rank for.

Let’s assume for 1 minute that you have a brand new website and you are in a very competitive niche. This might be a website for cosmetic surgery or lawyers but in any case the niche is highly sort after on Google and extremely competitive. Why? Cause everyone wants their website to be on page 1 and there is only a limited amount of space.  In short, you will certainly have your site ranking on Google when someone types in your business name as well as other ‘long tail’, local, suburban based keywords, such as cosmetic surgery Toorak or even liposuction Camberwell. But for the difficult really competitive words such as lawyers Sydney, you are going to have to wait up to a year to get to page 1. In some cases where the niches are even more saturated like home loans or travel insurance, the time frames could take years.

This is not good news for people looking to enter these markets that their business model requires their site to be ranking on Google. Unfortunately, people only go to Google as their preferred search engine when looking for a product or service and competitive areas already have their established players, are not likely going to relinquish their position to a new player such as yourself. This is where the answer is rally cut n dry. You will NEVER rank for these money keywords quickly (less than 12 months), but you will more than likely be able to rank local less desirable keywords in a shorter period of time.

The good news here is that these other keywords will still generate some traffic and you will be able to get some leads coming in within say 3 months. I know this is not ideal but this is what we have to work with as we MUST play by Google’s rules. If we try to over optimise you main wish list keywords and have them ranking in a short period of time, we do risk being flagged by Google’s spam team and in turn end up being penalised. This is a real risk and businesses of all sizes and industries need to understand the risks associated with this type of fraudulent link activity. I simply cannot tell you the number of people that I have to deal with daily who are in this kind of predicament because of the poor decisions they made when choosing an SEO agency. This issue was they had no idea nor were they told of the implication of over optimisation and were lulled into a false sense of ‘ she’’ be right mate’ attitude – all to just get your business.

Google does not care who you are or what type of business you are in. If you do not abide by their rules and if you pressure you SEO agency to push harder with their efforts you do risk severe penalties.

Lets take a second scenario where you have an existing long established trading website and you are just starting to think about SEO. Unfortunately, the same rules do apply in this situation. The only difference here is that you site might respond to our SEO strategies somewhat quicker. In some cases you will start to see a dramatic increase in your Google rankings within a month or two. This does and will probably be the case. The reason why your current website has not ranked is because no one has implemented any back links. As soon as we get our hands on this and commence our SEO campaign, the results are visible quite quickly. Again, I want to reiterate here that this is for the ‘long tail’ keywords and the real competitive ones need to be treated in the same way. A slow, steady and even handed approach is what is needed.

Advantages of being patient with your SEO

> by flying low under the Google radar and not screaming to their spam team:’ look at me’, you are going to rise up naturally, which means that once you have solidified your position, you are more than likely going to hold it. Fast, speedy, inorganic rankings are going to have repercussions that you are not going to like.

> Google rewards a methodical and strategic approach to your SEO. This forces you as a business owner to be more involved with your website and look at all forms of marketing, not just SEO. In this way over time you are going to be an expert at content marketing, social media and adwords.

> You might not like to see new players in the market suddenly appear on page 1, whilst you are slogging it out doing the hard yards and oscillating between page 3 and 4. But, believe me when I tell you that these new comers with mysterious page 1 appearances are only a mirage. Sure they are ranking today and yes it makes you angry but watch out as the next algorithmic update will target these spammy sites and they will simply disappear overnight. I have seen this happen many times before. My clients ring me up and say why is this guy there when I am on page 2 and they have a newer site. Six months later and they have gone and guess where my clients sites are? Position 1 page 1. The slow and patient people in this space are the winners. The losers are those that want everything now.