SEO Melbourne Specialist: Speak to Melbourne’s # 1 Team

If your Melbourne business relies on Google to get new customers and drive revenue then you are going to want to deal with a team of SEO specialists that know what they are doing in terms of ranking a website. If you make the wrong decision and decide to use a company that has no idea about what they are doing but are cheap then you WILL end up in a worse ranking position than you are in right now.

So I thought that I would list 10 reasons why you need to use an SEO agency like SEO Melbourne Experts, to propel your website up to page 1 of Google. These come from years of experience and talking to clients that have made the fatal error in judgement on gone with (how shall I put this) a ‘ less than credible’ SEO company.

1)   We are open and honest in all our dealings. You will find that a lot of SEO (and they like to call themselves specialists), will sell real hard over the phone, and say anything to get your business. I am gobsmacked at the lies these people will say just to get you to sign up with them. One classic lie is that they can GUARANTEE you a page 1 Google ranking and if they don’t get you there, then you do not have to pay for their work. OR you only have to pay once they get 1 of your ( EXTREMELY EASY TO RANK keywords) on page 1. This kind of gibberish and exaggerated drivel is exactly what we DO NOT tell you.

As a small business owner myself, want to be told the truth at all times and this is how it goes when you ask me the real reality and state of play in regards to the chances of your website ranking. I never candy coat the truth just to sign you up, and will always be acutely honest in my opinion. This is 1 major and very important factor when talking to your next SEO company.

2)   We have no such things as long term contracts. When you partner with us we want to be measured on our performance and this is why we prefer to go month to month. Many companies will want to lock you into a contract with crap excuses like; ‘we do all the work upfront’, hence a contract is necessary. A complete con job and businesses in Melbourne unfortunately still fall for it. SEO is always evolving and changing in line with the Google algorithm, hence the level of work should be consistently high each and every month. To simply say the majority of the work is conducted in month 1 is a complete lie. Yes you may have to make some ‘on page’ amends BUT this is going to happen every month if your specialist is doing their job properly.

 We will rank you on Google ethically

3)   Just take a look at out own online ranking. You found us cause you Googled terms like; ‘SEO Melbourne’ or ‘SEO Melbourne Specialists’. We have paid nothing to be up there on page 1 of Google. We are there simply cause we know what we are doing and if we can do it for our very own website, then imaging what we can do for yours. Many people still choose SEO agencies because they are on the top of page 1.

THIS IS WRONG! I have explained this many times before in previous blogs, that the top 3 positions on Google are ALL PAID ADS. These companies are there cause they cannot rank their own website, which is really the fundamental component of SEO. WHY would you go with a company that is not ranking organically? It happens daily and it’s something that can do real damage to your business. WHY? Because these guys no nothing about SEO and you are choosing them by default of their position. SEO COMPANIES THAT HAVE TO PAY for ADS ARE NOT WHAT YOU WANT!

4)   We are 100% Australian. This is important and I will tell you why. A lot of SEO agencies are just fronts. Believe it or not, they are just selling machines with the sole aim or focus of quoting insanely cheap prices to get you in the front door and once there your work is immediately shipped off to Asia or India. Once this happens you have lost control over your SEO campaign and it’s put in the hands of a complete stranger with absolutely no accountability or concern over your businesses online welfare. It’s like a ‘cookie cutter’ production line process, where 1 sucker follows the next and it’s all outsourced. The worst thing about this is that they are such good dales people and they have got their bullshit so down to a fine art that you won’t be able to know what’s going on until it’s too late. If you think you are too smart for this then think again. I witness this happening all the time, where people put their faith and trust in a company whose only concern is the next sale. Here’s an experiment.

Try calling these guys up and see if you get the same person answering the phone. I bet anything you’re going to get a new person every time. Call us here on 1800 916 191 and you will get me Steven answering the phone time and time again. Why? Cause we don’t operate like a call centre. We have genuine interest in your business and we make sure that we are here all the time. You never speak to anyone other than me and the buck stops here, with me. This is 100% complete good old-fashioned customer service. Any issues at any time, any questions you may have all you need to do is make the call and I am here. See, I don’t want thousands of clients. I run a boutique operation here that’s dedicated to serving my clients needs.

This is why we are considered MELBOURNES SEO SPECIALISTS and not a fly by night, churn n burn operation. Try us out and you will see what I mean. I will tell you up front if we can handle and want your business. We deal with people in Melbourne who are prepared to pay for the luxury of having the peace of mind that they are getting the very best that money can buy.

5)   If you want to rank properly on Google you have to be patient. SEO takes time, love, nurturing and constant feeding. Many of my competitors will tell you tat they can achieve page 1 rankings, with lightning fast speeds. As a business owner I totally empathise with people who want this to happen. They have either just built their new website or have an existing 1 that’s under performing and want immediate results. This is NOT how we work and if you are looking for us to tell you this – WE WONT. Speedy SEO rankings = Google penalty. I cannot break it down into anything less complicated. L I can tell you is that around 20% of the calls that come streaming in here are from people that have suffered from a Google penalty or a manual action.  I am not going to delve into this in great detail here except to say our methods of conducting SEO are completely compliant. We are slow and steady and work to a proven technique that works time and time again. Sure, I can tell you that we can rank your new website in 60days and all you have to do is give me $XXXX, but this is a lie and I would never do this. Many other SEO companies in Melbourne simply don’t care. As long as their revenues keep rising, that’s all that matters. WATCH OUT for these mongrels cause they will rip you off and not even blink an eyelid.

6)   SEO is not all about back linking or content marketing. I know of many SEO agencies that will pop a few back links here and there and blame your poor rankings on the Google algorithm. Also, I know of some comp0anies that will tell you that it’s not about the back links BUT the content. They will try to flog you the lie that all you need to do is publish as much content as possible and this is all you need. This may be the case for keywords that have little or no traffic, for example, anyone can rank for the keywords: ’ best left handed plumbers Ballarat’ with a blog page, but just try to rank ‘plumbers Ballarat’ without back links and see how far you go. This may be a bit confusing for some people who don’t really have a thorough knowledge  of SEO BUT all I can say is that at SEO MELBOURNE EXPERTS we look at all factors that go into ranking a website. We are not purely focused on 1 particular area BUT have an all rounded encompassing strategy.

7)   Before you pick up the phone and call us I want to tell you that we are not the cheapest SEO agency. If you are the type of company that’s looking for a bargain, save your money and call someone else. There are literally hundreds of search engine companies out there who will do all your work for a couple of hundred dollars a month. BE prepared to get totally ripped off and loose your money, cause that’s all that is going to happen. We are a premium agency offering the very best SEO service. Saying that, we do not charge heavy agency fees as other companies might do. Why not test us out and gauge our pricing. Peace of mind when it comes to your internet marketing does come with a price tag.

8)   Like with many businesses online it’s extremely hard to tell how long they have been around for. In the case of SEO, this is compounded as many are just start ups BUT they will try and bluff their way around this by telling you they have been around for years. We have been in business since 1998 – that’s 17 years and that’s a hell of a long time in this industry. One should really ask why we have been able to survive in an area that’s littered with failed SEO agencies. The answer is simple. We have integrity and people stick with us because of this fact.

9)   We have in house web designers that can make any amends to your website so that the individual pages are optimised for conversion. We are able to saddle the SEO and web side of things which is SO critical in the online space. Many SEO companies will sit back and gladly take your monthly payments without ever examining your Google analytics and making the necessary design amends that will boost sales. We take a proactive approach to this and make sure that your ‘highly trafficked’ keyword pages look as good as they possibly can be for maximum consumer engagement.


a)    you are really price sensitive when it comes to SEO and are just shopping around for the best price you can get. We offer a great service and feel that are pricing is very fair BUT we cannot compete against those ‘so called’ agencies that undercut to get your business and then do absolutely nothing!

b)   you have done through 2 or 3 SEO companies and are unwilling  to change the direction of your marketing.

c)    you never get back to us or answer the phone.

d)   you expect us to perform miracles within the first month of commencing the SEO campaign

e)    you have done SEO on your own website before and want us to just do some minor on page tweaks.

f)     you have an inherent distrust of SEO agencies cause you have been burn’t and ripped off in the past and are unwilling to let go of that negative baggage.

g)    you are not prepared to stick it out and partner with us for at least 6 months to a year.